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We commit ourselves to maximizing the value you get from working with us!

Therefore we have set up a number of criteria in order to guarantee the highest quality standard possible. These criteria are:

Confidentiality: Every translator has to treat every translation confidentially and is not allowed to publish or sale it.

Purchase conditions: The Terms & Conditions of EnergyTranslations apply. The client's particular rates or wishes have to be discussed before the signing of a contract.

Translation: Each translation is done by a mother-tongue translator with the specific knowledge of the respective subject. The translation is adapted to the language and cultural conditions of the target group.

Format and Layout: The translation will be delivered in the format requested by the client. The correct typographic and punctation rules of the target language will be applied.

Delivery: The deadline is imperative. Any delay will be reported as soon as possible.

As a result of these quality guidelines, we reduce errors, enjoy a smoother and faster workflow and provide a better quality and shorter deadlines.
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